Technical Analysis; BTC April 13


  • The crypto world has seen one hell of a rally today that came with a bang nor a knock! We've seen Bitcoin surge past $8,000 on April 12 for the first time in my yearn for profits, rising over 13%-15% within just one hour.
  • With near to no news acting as a catalyst for the drastic run, I believe it is all technical and those who missed the boat really did miss the boat. This greater +13% has been the greatest intraday gain for Bitcoin in almost 2 months and that's according to CoinMarketCap's data.
  • Some of the common news surrounding BTC currently is the investments of major firms like the Soros's Fund and the Rockefeller-backed VC that may have brought about the swing on BTC and its peers. The menacing completion of the tax season may also have been a contributor to the start of our good time.
  • Despite that steep gain, BTC is not yet half of its highs of $19.5K of Dec 2017 but that doesn't seem as a hurdle at the current prices. We've also got major people like Spencer Bogart who is a partner of a BlockChain Capital boost the buyers by stating that, "Bitcoin is in the safest place out of all the other cryptocurrencies out there."
  • Pantera Capital Management also made a very technical comment that $6,500 was the lowest for BTC and that it would stay above that price for the majority of 2019. In addition to that, they also predicted BTC surpassing the $20,000 previous record.

Now lets get down to art...


  • BTC has gained back its traction from its low levels however, its down 42% since the beginning of 2018.
  • IMO, BTC's price is setting on the next potential resistance near the $9,000 mark as bulls are back in action.
  • The 200 MA is still above the 100MA and this means that the sell off could still resume if the price failed to break the 200 SMA (4-hour) dynamic inflection point with my P.T at $7,300 on the downside.
  • On the 60 minute chart, there is a bullish flag that formed and I initiated my half position buy at $7,810 with a firm Stop Loss at $7,500. My Selling and Target price for this trade is at $9,150. For those that would like a trade with a much lesser risk could buy at $8,350.
  • This bull flag chart pattern occurred after an uptrend out of a previous price base ¬∑I believe that this pattern is just a consolidation of the uptrend.
  • The signal of the end of the flag pattern and the beginning of a new potential up trend is when the descending upper trend line is broken with a move upwards in price. And thus the reason as to why I asked you to choose buying between $8,000-$ 8.35K.
 BTC hourly chart.

BTC hourly chart.

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