People keep asking me about my holdings. It’s majority BTC, secondary on ETH, LTC and a tiny amount of various alts I’ve mentioned before. Stop messaging me please, my inbox is blowing up. Just read, it’s all here.


Litecoin price is an illusion. I own a bit. Top 100 wallets own 50% of all the LTC. Could go either way, the key is having a strong hand, and rebalancing.

Ethereum is rather quiet on news, but SEC has some seemingly positive implications for ICOs that are registered. It is the second most popular trading pair.

Bitcoin is nexus of most trading pairs, and Coinbase is the top app in the App Store. Enough said.

Right now, I have no additional ICOs or alts to consider.

However, if you happen to be interested in new ICOs, please check out DealBox ( We are raising funds in a ICO and if you don’t have much funds, we also are offering bounties on Bitcointalk: [ANN][DLBX] ☰ [ ICO 11|19|2017. We already have 5,000+ registered participants in the ICO. I am an advisor at DLBX: A Blockchain Business Accelerator and Crowdfunding Platform

They are honest people and it has an internal peg to USD. Solid people and team that truly want to make a difference in cutting the noise for new ICOs. Dealbox is a subsidiary of Capital Services Group, Inc in California, that has worked in the financing of many private companies - really experienced. As a disclaimer: I own some DLBX as an advisor to DealBox.


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