Ethereum is Cat apparently:

Made 2k in less than an hour from buying and selling underpriced Gen0 cats that breed fastest. If you’re lucky, you might still find a gen0 or gen1 Fast for cheap.

Here’s profiting strategies: I scooped up a few gen1’s after flipping gen0 for quick profit. Currently, the average price of a kitty has increased to $115 (as to time of writing) from $13 with 3 million USD of total sales. Fast gen1 cats seem underpriced currently, because fast gen0 cats cost higher to breed, and fast gen1 cats still command a decent breeding offer price.

However, there is no guarantee of future profit based on past data.

If you keep breeding them, you might make some good money while having tons of fun watching kitten inter course. However, it is relatively uncertain how crazy this cryptocollectible will go. Pepecoin and other unique blockchain art may be an interesting store of value, but ultimately the developers have control over the project.

Other possible strategies are lucky cat numbers. It’s is uncertain whether breeding rare cats will yield significant profit per hour, since there is no knowledge on the breeding algorithm and if it is solved, rare cats may become common.

Esaias TongComment