Sold ICX, AEON. VEN is on Fire!

Sold ICX, AEON off. Continue to hold VEN, IOTA, STEEM. Great returns so far.

Looks like Jim Breyer was in VEN too: Portfolio | Breyer Capital. Not sure about the news.

Venture Capitalist Jim Breyer with Net Worth of $2.4 Billion Has Invested in VeChain (VEN)

In college, I bought luxury items for a living on behalf of my Chinese friends via WeChat. It’s called daigou (代购 ). Next-gen tracking of every detail on counterfeits has been a play for machine learning in SV. Although Chinese law is much more favorable for IP protection - it is still difficult to enforce fully. Also, a lot of counterfeit manufacturing is moving to Vietnam. I know factory owners from drop-shipping back then (that also approached me for really good fake RayBan sunglasses - of course I declined), and I visit Shenzhen regularly for electronics. On a contextual standpoint, it is big.

Definitely check it out. WTC has a similar product, but I think VEN has more potential.

Keep in mind each position was only 1% of my portfolio. The majority is in Bitcoin.

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Esaias Tong