Scooped up tiny amount of XEM

Since there seems to be a lot of questions on what new ‘cheap’ projects to look into on Quora and other sites. I’ll entertain by throwing a few small darts. Pure speculation.

Japanese Entertainment Giant DMM Unveils Details of Crypto Exchange to Launch Next Month - Bitcoin News

My logic is the Japanese will start trading 1/11 soon. XEM is the favorite and looks the cheapest, although personally I think XEM is priced pretty high for what it is but Japanese demand is there. I would exit on XEM close to trading time.

Put 1% bet each as well in STEEM, ICX, VEN and OMG.

Keep in mind, I’m purely speculating on what has happened before and separated projects by unique characteristics. I just figured it’s worth throwing a few darts on popular enough and trusted projects, marketed well with no glaring security issues that can only possibly lose so much (-80% vs 10000%, not risk adjusted). I repeat - pure speculation.

Don’t take a mortgage out and never cut into your principal low risk “boring” investments. Keep in mind, bull markets always have an end. Bets are a 10-20% probability in about 5 months.

I treat a lot of newer alts as exposure to speculation. Only great for a bull market.

If you haven’t noticed - both Vitalik Buterin and Charlie Lee are publicly “anti-hypists” now, while Roger Ver continues to hype Bitcoin Cash. News outlets are wrong - XRP didn’t beat ETH, Vitalik just doesn’t care now - he just wants strong believers.

When a crash does come, true believers will come out. I am going to get some back to BTC/ETH/LTC (BTC is the strongest store of value IMO with Winklevoss, Thiel etc), if these darts break out. Again, don’t throw darts you can’t lose!

Esaias Tong