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It all started when...

just after the fall of Mt. Gox, when two of our founders launched With an uncertain future looming in the distance, Will and Esaias took it upon themselves to begin building the infrastructure necessary for a crypto-based economy. When the SEC shut them down, the pair paid the fines and returned customer's coins safely to their wallets. Since, Esaias has become a top rated writer and cryptocurrency analyst on his Quora blog Cryptosignal. Will went on to help build Myspace, Cointerra, and the world's second largest search engine (take a guess, it's not what you think!). 

Now, with a new team and an old mission, Cryptoconomy is building a lasting laissez-faire infrastructure. As hackers, scammers, bankers, and black-marketeers continue to undermine the credibility of the cryptocurrency economy, we hope to create a platform where your coins are safe, your wallet is secure, and your news isn't curated by bulls disguised as bears. 

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